30 Meter 200 Watt Amplifier Project

A little information about this project and why:

I started this project May 24, 2010 and finish October 08, 2010. I did not work on this amp every day, only when I had time to do so. The amplifier is mounted in a home made rack,  with space for other home brew amps projects in the future.

I've always wanted to build a power amplifier but have never took time out to do so. After doing some research and reading on the internet and looking throw some old ARRL handbooks. I found a amplifier circuit  that look pretty easy for a first time project, and a first time builder like my self to build. The amplifier project I had in mine was a mono band amplifier to work the 30 meter band and capable of running the 200 watt legal limit on that band. The amplifier circuit I came across was a all band 200 watt amplifier using a single 811A tube. This is just what I had in mine and seem easy enough of a project to take on.

After looking over the schematic for a while I seen were I could make some change's to this amp and add some of my own ideas to it.  So I ran some of my ideas by a friend of mine that's big into amp building to see what he thought about my idea's. All my ideas check out with him so I then proceed to look for parts.

Just so happen my friend said he had just the transformer I needed for this project. He also had a 811A tube, and a few other parts that I would need. Other parts were found on ebay, and at hamfest and in my junk box as we call it.

I ended up doing a little more to this project then I had started out to do. I seen were I could also ad 40 meter to this amp to also work the digital modes on 40 meters.

I've include the original schematic of this project showing changes made. As well as creating a new schematic.

Many thanks go out to my friend John, W2IMX for all his help...